Three Different Patterns

Three Different Patterns


seal point mitted ragdoll.jpg





Colorpoint – One color darkening at the extremities (nose, ears, tail, and paws).   (Top Image)

Mitted – Same as pointed, but with white paws and abdomen with or without a blaze (a white line or spot on the face), but must have a "belly stripe" (white stripe that runs from the chin to the genitals) and a white chin.  Mitted Ragdolls are often confused with Birmans.  The easiest way to tell the difference is by size (the Ragdoll being obviously larger) and chin color (Mitted Ragdolls have white chins, while Birmans have colored chins), although breeders recognize the two by head shape and boning.     (Middle Image)

Bi-Color – White legs, white inverted V on the face, white abdomen and sometimes white patches on the back.  Excessive amounts of white, or "high white", on a bicolor is known as the Van pattern, although this doesn't occur nearly as often as the other patterns.     (Bottom Image)

Pattern Variations:

Lynx – A variant of the above type having tabby markings.

Tortoiseshell or "tortie" - A variant noted for mottled or parti-colored markings in the above patterns.